When it comes to business, relationships matter. It’s the reason we network, it’s in our sales strategies. But the importance of strong relationships doesn’t end with potential clients. Since I first began FGS, I’ve focused on creating and maintaining quality relationships with everyone that I interact with, including vendors.

These strong relationships have benefited my clients time and time again. The example that comes to mind stems from our relationship with the post office. We deliver mailings to the post office every day, so we’ve always been very diligent about maintaining our mailer scorecard and making sure we prepare everything correctly.

By fostering a strong relationship with the post office, we’ve gotten a lot of guidance from them regarding new mailings we’d never done before or special projects for our clients that we weren’t entirely sure how to achieve. They’ve been incredibly helpful through the years, and because of our strong relationship, they invited us to be one of the first seamless mail service providers (MSP) in Columbus.

What being a seamless MSP means for our clients is that their mail moves through the process a little faster. It is no longer subject to manual verification, as with non-seamless MSPs. This allows our mailings to make it into the mail stream more quickly than non-seamless MSPs.

Particularly with the type of same-day mailings we are doing, we receive fresh data in the morning and mail that day. As anyone familiar with the industry knows, when it comes to these types of offers, timing is everything. That slight edge we provide by being a seamless MSP can make all the difference for our clients.

Without our relationship with the post office, this would have been much more difficult to achieve. I have many similar stories where our vendors have helped us to provide the best experience to our clients. From last minute paper to complete an important rush job to fast turn times on outsourced work, it’s important to have partners that you can count on in a pinch, and it all starts with creating and maintaining that relationship.

We like to give credit where credit is due. Photo by Nik MacMillan.

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