What client wanted:

The client came to us looking for something interesting to take to colleges where they are recruiting potential employees. They wanted something that students could take with from the table that would keep the company name fresh in their minds.

Design Process:

Through some conversation with the client and some research, we were able to come up with a creative solution to the problem at hand. We put together the design for a folding card, which would give students something to carry around and play with. This would achieve the goal of keeping the company in the mind of the prospect, and also creating interest from other prospects.

Design for the folding card had to be done perfectly to work well once the final piece was put together. As you can see, the design appears to be chaotic and incorrect when flat, but actually works once the piece is finalized.


When it came to the production of the piece, it was printed digitally and then die-cut, cut, folded, and glued to create the final folding card. The design was done in such a way that the Discover Us and Socius panel are shown when folded one way, then folded again the list of Socius characteristics is displayed, then folded again so that the Greatest Asset panel is displayed, and finally folded one last time so that Socius’s expertise is displayed.

Benefits for client:

    • Customized solution: The client received a unique piece that was unlike anything their competitors were offering. The fun aspect of the piece kept it in the prospects’ hands longer and provided increased awareness of the brand at events.


    • Small-run: Where many highly customized solutions like this may require minimums of hundreds of thousands, we were able to complete a few hundred for the client and can continue to replenish supplies as needed. This kept the client from having a steep up-front cost that may get the project tossed out.