What client wanted:

The client was looking to get pocket folders done for a continuing education event, but didn’t want to do a standard 9”x12” pocket folder and instead wanted something that would be eye catching and make their brand stand out.

Design Process:

The first stage required us to develop a white sample of the folder. The front cover of the pocket folder was a die cut of the client’s logo to add more depth to the piece. In addition, we die cut out a rectangle above the pocket folder to allow for the client to customize each folder for events or meetings they have.

Once the white sample was approved we began the design process which included multiple sheets the client needed produced for the event, as well as the design for the shell of the pocket folder.


The production of the piece required printing, die-cutting and handwork. The final product is a clean unique pocket folder that helped our client stand out at their event.

Benefits for client:

    • Brand recognition: With a unique and clean design Landsel’s pocket folder stands out from their competition and leaves a more impactful impression on potential clients.


    • Multiple uses: The benefit of using branded products such as notepads is that they have a practical application, which ensures that the client’s brand identity will be in front of the recipient of the notepad – at least until they run out of sheets!
    • Customizable user experience: Landsel can customize the front of the pocket folder to create a more personal experience for their target audience.