What client wanted:

The client wanted to begin reaching out to non-members that were already benefiting from the national SHRM membership but could gain additional beneficial information and networking possibilities by being a part of their local chapter.

Design Process:

The design evolved over multiple mailings. The most recent mailing took on a more compact design which translated into savings for the customer. The design focused on the promotional deal that HRACO was offering as well as the what impact a membership with HRACO can have on the individuals who take part in their local chapter.


The production of this piece included data processing the allow for the client to save on postage by running their database through the NCOA database and presorting the dating for the USPS. Once the data was processed we merge the record information with the art and produced the entire job on a digital press.

From the response data, we could identify and create a profile of the companies that had employees who signed up for a HRACO membership. From this we developed new potential avenues that HRACO could explore to increase and maintain their memberships. We also compared previous mailings to the new mailing to give a side by side look on how improvement was made which increased their revenue.

Benefits for client:

    • Progress: Many companies miss opportunities because they do not track their progress from one promotion to the next. Here we provided HRACO with the information needed to make educated decisions on how to better their next promotional piece.


    • Exposure: This is the type of exposure that pays. By investing money towards marketing HRACO made back 3.5 times their initial investment which also calculated out to be almost a 50% increase the prior year’s mailing.