What client wanted:

The client felt they were in need of a new logo to represent them. They wanted to keep the qualities of the original character they had created but create a more modern and clean look for their brand.

Design Process:

Initially a branding proposal was put together for the client. The proposal discussed the drawbacks of the current logo and how we planned on addressing them as well as the benefits of updating their branding. From there, we developed an outline and timeline for the project and presented the proposal to the client.

The beginning sketch phase consisted of variations of the gnome character and attempts to simplify it for branding purposes. During this phase research on typography and color palettes was also being performed to help determine what brand elements were best received by the client’s target audience.

The first stage of the design featured an illustrative yet simple redesign of the character. From here we worked with the client to continue to make changes to the design.

The final logo resulted in a more simplified version of the illustration as well as a font update. The client was extremely satisfied with the final product and was able to update all their branding (business cards, website, brochure etc.) utilizing their new clean look. We finalized the project by putting together a branding guideline book that the customer could use for all future design projects.


To finalize the logo redesign, we put together a branding guideline book that the customer could use to ensure brand integrity within the company moving forward. This branding guideline will serve in future production to match color and other elements for brand consistency.

Benefits for client:

    • Brand recognition: With a unified and clean look Computer Gnome is now able to develop a strong brand with a recognizable and unique logo.


    • Brand consistency: With the branding guideline book it is easier for the client to create consistency across web and print.