What client wanted:

The client provided us with the artwork for a set of envelopes and postcards. We combined the quality of our two-color offset press with the embossed effect of the letterpress to create the unique, high quality stationary.

Design Process:

Before printing, we prepared files for the offset press and had a plate created for the letterpress.


After the files were prepped and ready, the notecards and envelopes were printed on the 2-color press.

Once dried, we were ready to apply the seal emboss to the notecards. After a few tests, we decided to add some very light, opaque ink to the letterpress to strengthen the appearance of the seal.

Benefits for client:

    • Reusable The best part about letterpress plates is that they’re reusable. Not only can they be reused to reprint this exact job, they can be used in a completely different job as well, and in any color. The options are limitless for the different products we can create for the client with the plate. It also reduces cost when they don’t have to pay for a new plate for each job.


    • Exact Color: Using the correct color is extremely important to the client’s brand. Printing on the offset instead of a digital printer ensures that they’ll get the exact Pantone color they need.


    • Branding: The unique and superior aspects of the stationary (the linen paper and embossed seal) as opposed to generic stationary, ensures that the University’s brand will stand out among other mail and be recognized for its higher quality.