What client wanted:

The client requested branded notepads. Rather than simply slapping on a logo, we wanted to create a fully customized piece that reflected the client’s branding.

Design Process:

The design for the notepad began with the sheets, which featured typical branded information – the client’s logo at the top, lined paper for writing, and contact information at the bottom. This was all unified by using the brand’s colors. Where we really saw an opportunity to make this pad unique was in the wrap at the top that held the notepad together. Instead of doing a solid color, we used the leaf pattern that is featured in the client’s logo.This made the pad unique to the client’s branding style, as well as giving it a different look and feel than most other notepads on the market.


Once we had the design approved by the client, the next step was production. We started by printing the sheets and the wrap for the notepad on our color digital machine. Any time we’re dealing with branded colors, it’s essential to ensure that the colors are true to the brand.

Once we had the printed product, we had to perf the sheets so that the top sheet could be easily removed.

After the sheets had been perfed, we needed to prepare the chip board for the pad.  We cut chipboard to the full size of the sheet to put at the back of the pad, and then a small piece of chipboard to place above the perf line. Once all of the chipboard had been prepared, we stitched the pads with the large piece of chipboard at the back, the pages in between, and the small piece of chipboard positioned on the front.

The final step of production was adhering the wrap to the notepad. In order to do this, we cut the wraps down to the correct size and glued them to the chipboard we had stitched in with the pages. After some final trimming to get the notepads to final size, we had a completed project!

Benefits for client:

    • Brand recognition: Whether carrying the notepad with them or giving them out to customers or potential customers, these branded notepads offer our client a fully customized expression of brand identity. 
    • Practical use: The benefit of using branded products such as notepads is that they have a practical application, which ensures that the client’s brand identity will be in front of the recipient of the notepad – at least until they run out of sheets! 
    • Scalability: With the base design completed, we were easily able to create different sizes and types of pads for this client, all of which could be used in different ways. In addition to a full 8.5×11 pad, we’ve completed a half size (8.5×5.5) pad as well as a To-Do Pad (4.25×5.5).