About Us

Once upon a time (circa 2012) a man from Ecuador set out in pursuit of his American dream. After years of learning, planning, and preparation, Fraga Graphic Solutions was born.

FGS: The Early Years

When FGS was first brought into this world, we were a printing company – much like others before it. But FGS was different. We didn’t want to be just a printing company. We had dreams, ideas, and aspirations. As FGS grew, we acquired more skills and interests. In just a short time, FGS transformed from a printing company to much, much more.

A Voyage of Self-Discovery

It took some soul-searching for FGS to determine what we wanted to do with our life. After some extensive introspection, FGS made the bold decision to change our identity. Now, instead of a printing company, FGS is an all-purpose marketing company. “Why do one thing,” we thought, “when we can do it all?”

A Young Up-And-Comer

After finding ourselves, we dug in and worked hard to be the best we could be. Boasting expertise in marketing strategy and implementation, FGS now rivals some of the largest print and marketing companies. With a passion for helping clients thrive and a skill for well-targeted marketing, FGS has grown into our role as an expert in the traditional industry with a knack for non-traditional application.

Track Record

Jobs Completed3,881
Mail Pieces Processed6,188,868
Years of industry experience57
Overtime Hours20,432
Days in Business1,878

Our Team