If you have RingCentral as a phone provider, Glip is an excellent addition to your phone. Create teams to keep projects on schedule, tasks to keep people accountable, and a calendar to plan the week. Pair this with the ability to share files, links, and notes, in addition to more advanced integrations, Glip makes group communication a breeze.


If you have multiple contributors, Evernote is a great way to organize and share information. In our company, we use this primarily to share social media links and information. With multiple notebooks we’re able to contribute new ideas and filter out what we’ve already used to keep things nice and tidy.


Sometimes finding content is hard, which is where aggregators like Nuzzel shine. Follow feeds related to your industry and interests to keep up to date and find interesting, worthwhile content to share. If you’ve used Zite in the past, this is a slightly less impressive version of that (RIP Zite).


There are different ways to keep organized, but if you’re like me, lists are the way to go. Wunderlist is a sleek, no-nonsense list app. You can create different categories and then have sub-lists (for example, separating your work list from your personal list) or just have a bunch of lists on your main screen. The app comes pre-loaded with some common lists, so it’s a great starting point for organizing your life.


Flipboard actually acquired Zite, though it hasn’t quite lived up to the potential it could. For those of you who haven’t used Zite, it was a simple content aggregator site that displayed articles in a nice list format and learned from what you liked/disliked to provide better content. Flipboard, similarly, allows you to choose different interests and cultivate your own newspapers based on these interests. I’ve found that a nice combo of Flipboard and Nuzzel makes up for the lack of Zite, though it will always hold a near and dear place in my heart.


We like to give credit where credit is due. Featured photo from Rami Al-zayat.

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