1. Stand out from the crowd.

Let’s be honest, getting an interview can be the hardest part of a job search. With as many as thousands of resumes to compete with, anything you can do to set yourself apart is crucial. Creating a personal brand helps you to stand out in a sea of boring resumes. Having your own logo, colors, and maybe even a tagline will immediately draw attention to your resume.

2. Showcase your capabilities.

Creating a personal brand allows you to make your talents the focal point. This is especially true for creatives who can design their resume or craft their copy to showcase their skill. However, this can apply across the spectrum of industries.

3. Sell yourself.

Too often, we approach jobs trying to fit ourselves into the descriptions the company provides. While it’s important to have knowledge of the position and be confident you can fulfill the responsibilities it entails, your value comes in the other things you can offer. Creating a personal brand allows you to highlight skills and apply them to the job, helping you to stand out from someone who simply fits the description.

4. Represent  yourself.

Last, but certainly not least, creating a personal brand gives you a platform to communicate your values. This will help you to find opportunities that fit your personality and lifestyle, whether it’s a new job, classes or training, or other opportunities.


We like to give credit where credit is due. Featured photo from Brad Neathery.

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