1) You’re always learning new things.


2) From the start, you’ll receive more responsibility and opportunity to advance.


3) Every day is an improvement, both on an individual level and as a company.


4) You influence the company as it grows.

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5) The people in charge are more open to ideas from all employees because there are fewer employees.

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6) In a lot of ways, you get to define your own job.


7) You determine the protocols for the duties you’re responsible for.

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8) As the company grows, you’re able to pass off the work you don’t enjoy and focus on what you want to do.

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9) You’ll be recognized for great ideas, work, and success on a regular basis.

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10) You’re able to develop closer relationships with your coworkers and your employer.

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11) Your company may offer better benefits and compensation in order to compete with larger, more well-known companies.

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12) Not everything is set in stone, black and white, or without compromise. The company will likely be more flexible and open to ideas, alternative avenues, and requests.

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13) Especially for recent graduates, start-ups offer a more accepting environment that allow for growth, which includes patience when you make mistakes and assistance to help you improve.

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14) Even if you don’t plan to stay with your start-up, such companies provide great experience and allow you to perform in positions that take years to get to in larger, more established companies.

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15) Start-ups depend on passion and creative thinking, so they are more welcoming of what you are interested in and care about and more likely to integrate it into their business if possible.

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16) Few companies have more potential than a start-up.

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17) Because they aren’t as regulated by rules, procedures, and the ho-hum of corporate business, start-ups have a fun and exciting culture with interesting people.

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18) Due to the lower number of employees, coworkers and your employer have the opportunity to learn about your strengths and weaknesses and utilize you doing what you’re best at and what you most enjoy.

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We like to give credit where credit is due. Featured photo from Garrhet Sampson.

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